Queer Christianities: A Gorgeous Theological Journey
Noah Hepler & Brian Ammons

Season five of Netflix's Queer Eye opened with Rev. Noah Hepler talking good theology and vision for the church with the Fab Five.  In the weeks that followed, thousands of folk reached out to Noah in response to hearing the kind of theology that drives his ministry for the first time on such a broad platform.


For more than fifteen years, Pastor Noah and his friend Rev. Brian Ammons have been conversation partners through their own journeys towards living faithfully through the gifts and wounds of growing up gay in North Carolina and called to live into an ever-broadening possibility of what the church could be.


Whether you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, are finding your way in, or are not LGBTQ+ but are seeking both wisdom about sexuality and spirituality, and a community of allies, you’re invited to join these two old friends as they share what they’ve learned and are learning.  

Course Syllabus

Theological Positions (Missionary and Beyond)
Based on what we believe about scripture, tradition, reason, experience, and the nature of sexuality, Christians come to different conclusions about the role of LGBTQ+ folk in the church.  We’ll explore these different positions, and make a case for why we find ours compelling.


Let’s Get Biblical — Queering Sacred Texts
There’s lots of different ways to read scripture: running the gamut from toxic to humane.  In this session we’ll discuss the liberating ways to engage scripture as queer folk and allies. Find freedom for yourself, and share it with others - learning how an ancient Middle Eastern text is more radical than you may think.


Queer Sexual Ethics
How do we make decisions about our sexual practice?  What principles make sense to apply to our choices around sex if we are grounding ourselves in a queer theology?  This week we will explore the way that Christian sexual ethics have historically targeted queer sex, and consider possibilities for a new ethic that is still deeply grounded in our tradition.


Trans, Non-binary, and Genderqueer Christianities with Dr. Megan Roher
Queer activist, Rev. Megan Roher was the first openly trans minister ordained in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America’s.  They were featured in a powerful conversation with Noah’s on his episode of Queer Eye, and have been a leading voice in advocating for queer folk in the Christian tradition.  They will join us for a conversation about trans and genderqueer theology.

Intersections: Race, Class, and Queer Liberation with Bishop Patricia Davenport​
In our final session, we will explore the links between queer theologies and other liberation theologies, with a specific look towards Black theologies in the midst of this time of racial reckoning.  Noah’s bishop will join us for a conversation deepening our understanding of queer theology as part of a larger Christian call to liberation.